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Program Schedule
for Summit on Philanthropy

September 28, 2018

AFP Southern Colorado's Summit on Philanthropy




Check-in; Light, hot breakfast; Visit Exhibitors

Welcome and Opening remarks

Session #1 with Simon Scriver (1 hour 20 minutes)

Small Budget, Big Impact

As a fundraiser, you’re the bridge between your donors, beneficiaries, co-workers, volunteers and the Board. With limited time and resources, how do you use your working week wisely? Simon will look at the life of a Small Shop Fundraiser, with lessons that can be used in organisations of any size. You’ll see real examples with real data from around the world. You’ll learn ‘fundraising nudges’ - practical ideas to increase your income that you can put into action tomorrow. You’ll see ways to save time and money, while increasing response rates. Yes, we’ll discuss what small organisations can learn from the big guys. But more importantly, we’ll focus on the benefits of being a small shop and what larger organisations can learn from us.



Break/Visit Exhibitors/Network

Session #2 with Simon Scriver (1 hour 25 minutes)

Fundraising Is A Lonely Hunter

Companies all over the world are realising that staff well-being and happiness is key to success. Richard Branson said, "If You Look After Your Staff, They'll Look After Your Customers." But has this spilled over to non-profits? We all know the donor is the hero and your organisation exists for your beneficiaries. But what about you...the fundraiser? In this session Simon will look at the unique mental and emotional challenges we face as fundraisers. He'll talk about his own experiences as an award-winning and mental-breakdown-having fundraiser. He'll share stories of other fundraisers who have been neglected and undermined. And he'll ask what we can do about it, including how to ‘internally market’ fundraising to your co-workers. Most importantly you'll come away feeling less alone, more appreciated, and equipped with the tools you need to take care of yourself and to raise more.




Lunch Keynote with Regina Winters, MPA

Ethical Philanthropic Impact

Call it strategic, high-impact, or return on investment new trends in philanthropic behavior generate new headlines about updating philanthropy, but what about our ethical toolbox? Let’s talk discuss how strong ethics help support critical social innovation. Weaving Colorado philanthropy trends and practitioner stories, we will explore how to enrich the ethical toolbox of nonprofit leaders serving organizations of various sizes and missions.



Break/Visit Exhibitors/Network

Panel (Simon Scriver, featured presenter, along with Liz Denson, Lance James, Tammy Sayles)


Round Table #1: Fundraising Round Table Discussions, Simon Scriver (Featured Presenter)


Round Table #2: Fundraising Round Table Discussions, Liz Denson Vice President of Community Engagement, Early Connections Learning Centers (Panelist #2)


Break/Visit Exhibitors/Network


Round Table #3: Fundraising Round Table Discussions, Lance James, Development Director, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (Panelist #3)


Round Table #4: Fundraising Round Table Discussions, Tammy Sayles, El Pomar Nonprofit Resource Center Librarian, Pikes Peak Library District (Panelist #4)


Wrap Up and Sponsor Bingo Prize Drawing, Networking

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