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A Message from Our President

One of my favorite sayings has been, “The grass may be greener on the other side, but you still have to mow it.” Making the leap to the ‘other side’ does not always mean you will be happier. Things can always be better, but regardless of which side you are on, you still need to work hard at reaching your goals or achieving something you desire.

I also have a slightly different version of that quote that I think is equally as important. It is “You may think the grass is greener on the other side, but if you take the time to water your own grass, it would be just as green.”

Taking the time to water my grass has been a constant cornerstone throughout my career. From the start, I have always made professional development a priority. A continuum of learning, networking, and support activities that better prepare me and improve my knowledge, competence, skill, and effectiveness. And without a doubt, it has paid off in spades for me.

AFP has been a big part of my grass watering – attending the educational sessions, the monthly networking socials, the annual Summit on Philanthropy conference, and more. It also includes being not only an active member, but also an engaged volunteer to help put on all the programs and services offered by the chapter. And now for the last two years, it has also included serving as President of the Board of Directors.

I think of our AFP Southern Colorado Chapter as small, but very mighty! Whether you are an AFP member or simply attend our programs, I hope you find it valuable and that it helps water your grass. If there is something you are needing, please reach out and let us know. We’ll see what we can do.

And I encourage you to do more than just water your own grass, but consider helping others by getting more involved with AFP. There are many ways to pitch in, and every bit makes a difference. Please reach out and start a conversation with us. We’ll see what we can do to get you engaged. I promise it will be time well spent.

As I finish my term as President, a big thank you to you all for helping me water my grass. It has been an honor to serve in the position, and I hope my service has helped you all in some small way to have greener grass. Let’s keep the watering going! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and I look forward to a lush new year with you all.

All my best,

Gina Taranto, CFRE
President, AFP Southern Colorado Chapter

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